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Fyrst og Fremst

Personalized adventures, 

in small groups

An adventure with us puts focus on quality, and it shall be personalized.  For us, this means that everyone are participating during the experience, something we achieve through small groups. Then we can customize the adventure, so we together can create memorable moments in nature.

Welcome to an adventure


Fyrst og Fremst

A memory of a lifetime



Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway, but even though a tour most people can do. We customize the tour to everyone in our group, so you can be certain to leave with a good experience from the tour with us.

- Norway´s tallest mountain

During a glacier tour we seek to experience the magic of the glacier and it´s spectaluar formations. You will learn how they affect the landscape, and we instruct you on how to use the required equipment we provide, like crampons and ice axe. 

Glacier tour
- exploring the blue ice

As we make our way through the caves, you will discover beautiful surroundings and learn more about the formation of limestone caves over the past ten thousand years. This in a silence that are only occationaly interrupted by the deep murmur of the river. 

Caving tour
- below ground in Dumdalen

Winter and spring are an amazing time of year for skitouring in Jotunheimen, with season until June. Join us through these 

wonderful and snowcovered mountains, and enjoy descents of well over 1000 meters.

Skiing in Jotunheimen
- among Norways highest mountains

If you wish to learn more about beeing in the mountains, we offer traditional and specialized courses through one or more days. You can choose between courses focusing on skitouring, avalanches, glaciers or other courses regarding safe travel in the mountains.

- skiing, glacier, avalanche and safe travel

Do you wish an all-inclusive package? Contact us and we provide a offer including your wishes for activities, accommodation and food. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, we can 

make a suggestion of what´s possible to do while visiting our area.

- for families / firms / groups
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