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Joining us for an adventure you shall always feel safe and cared for, while you are being challenged during the experience. That´s our way of getting you to be confident, so you can learn something and develop your skills in a new environment.

In order to facilitate a best possible experience for our guests, we always work in small groups. Often it will be a maximum of 6 guests per guide, but it can vary depending on the tour. Following this principle we add up to a situation where all guests  have the opportunity to participate during the tour.

We also have arrangements for larger groups, but we still keep a low number per guide, to facilitate 

safe, educational and good-feeling adventures.

You are welcome to join us in our home mountain. On this website you will find inspiration and some 

suggestions to varied experiences in Jotunheimen

We have something for everyone, so get in touch if we can help you achieve your next dream!  

Welcome to an adventure


Fyrst og Fremst

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